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RES_MODS directory, a breakdown
« on: June 03, 2013, 10:34:55 AM »
First, a hierarchy of folders and files in the root folder of the res_mods\* version of the game *\


So let's understand what is in each of them!

Content: Responsible for Remodeling and change skins unbound with appliances (such as the allocation of non-degradable or more notable buildings w / d platforms)

content \ Buildings - destructible buildings
content \ BuildingsRare - indestructible building
content \ Environment - cars, trucks, posts, etc.
content \ railway - railroad, locomotives, and railcars
content \ Interface \ shells \ Hangar - conventional hangar
content \ Interface \ shells \ Hangar_premium - premiumnyh hangar
content \ MilitaryEnvironment - bunkers, dragons teeth, etc

Gui: (graphical user interface), the main concentration of mods directory, responsible for the interface.

Divided into two folders:

maps  - there are a variety of game images.
gui \ maps \ login \ __login_bg.png and back_ * room * _without_sparks.png - background image when the game starts
gui \ maps \ icons \ vehicle \ contour \ * Nation * - * name * art - icons of tanks
gui \ maps \ ingame \ aim - file server scope ( and
gui \ maps \ icons \ map \ screen - loading screens battle
gui \ maps \ vehicle \ decals - decals

Flash  - interface programs, written in Flash.
Achievements.swf - achievements after the fight
Battle.swf - is the main file to display other files during the battle
Battleartefactbuttons.swf - displays artifacts or components of the equipment
battleloading.swf - download battlefield (echoing)
BattleMessenger.swf - Battle Chat
BattleShellCooldownButton.swf - the number of shells in the drum
Battletimer.swf - critical angles of traverse and "compass"
BattleTimerBig.swf - the countdown before the battle
CaptureBar.swf - Base Capture
crew.swf - automatic loading of crew
crosshair_panel_arcade.swf - Arcade Mode sight
crosshair_panel_postmortem.swf - sight after death
crosshair_panel_sniper.swf - sniper scope mode
crosshair_panel_strategic.swf - in the mode of artillery
crosshair_sniper.swf - the sight in the arcade and sniper mode
crosshair_strategic.swf - the sight in the arcade and sniper mode for artillery
DamageIndicator.swf - indicator of damage
DamagePanel.swf - the status bar of the tank
DebugPanel.swf - displays fps and ping
FinalStatistic.swf - final statistics
FragCorrelation.swf - index of combat win/loss of teams (possible angles of traverse)
GunConstraints.swf - gun traverse mod
IconLibrary.swf - icons in the messages
login.swf - field login and password
logos.swf - logos for login screen and usually clock in the hangar
Minimap.swf - minimap
PlayersPanel.swf - Panel players
QuantityInClipBars.swf - cassette (drum)
Radialmenu.swf - hot-key setup radial orders menu
ScopeShadow.swf - blackout in sniper mode.
ServiceChannelPage.swf - statistics per session
SquadMemberRenderer.swf - window platoon
StatisticForm.swf - Statistics after fight (Tab)
TankCarousel.swf - "Carousel" tanks
Tankindicator.swf - panel at the bottom of the tank on the left
TeamBasesPanel.swf - capture bases
TeamMemberRenderer.swf - dialogue clan battle
TeamRenderer.swf - team dialog.
Techtree.swf - tree research
Traininginfoform.swf - training room window
Trainingownerinfoform.swf - box training room for the creator of the room
UserInfo.swf - player statistics
VehicleMarkersManager.swf - over vehicle marker technology
Waiting.swf - animation file out

In the folder  gui  can also include files:
gui_settings.xml - Interface game (more details here -
gui_sounds.xml - setting sound file (crit BC, etc.)
servercross.xml - setting server sight
zoomX4.xml - adjusts the 4-position - avatar_input_handler.xml - camera control
messenger.xml - Posts

Scripts:  Folder, which contains a Python script. For example:

scripts \ client \ AvatarInputHeadler \ aims.pyc and cameras.pyc - are responsible for the approach / remote camera.
scripts \ client \ gui \ scaleform \ RadialMenu.pyc (with the settings file RadialMenu.xml) - edited "rosette" commands.
scripts \ client \ gui \ clienthangarspace.pyc - turning the hangar to 180 * at the basic account.
scripts \ client \ mods \ GunConstraints.pyc - file from mod gun traverse).
scripts \ client \ mods \ __init__.pyc - file for gun traverse mod.
scripts \ client \ CameraNode.pyc - file for gun traverse mod.
scripts \ item_defs \ vehicles \ * Nation * - scripts sound, engines etc.

spaces \ * map name * \ space.settings - the maximum visibility

Shaders \ hdr \ wg_hdr_bloom.0.vxo and wg_hdr_bloom.1.vxo - off in the distance blur

System \ data \ * name * card - the effect of day and night, or the maximum visibility

Here is the entire text information for the game.
All of the following files are in text \ LC_messages \ - the names and descriptions of achievements (steel wall, warrior, lion Sinai, etc.) - not quite understand, but it seems like the prevention and control of the game ("You're playing for more than 5 hours, it can harm your health," etc.) - title and description of maps - the names and descriptions of modules and consumables - the reasons for the ban and restrictions - text Final Statistics (window with the results) - tips on learning the map - interaction with texts CAPTCHA - inscriptions chats, a description of restrictions (ban, ignore, etc.)
* Nation * - names tankers
* Nation * - the name and description of tanks - the names of buttons, keys, responsible for the mode of action (CapsLock, X, C, etc.) - used for Developers (menu card and the type of combat, etc.) - text data for the dialogues in the game (pop-ups such as "Get out of the fight?", etc.) - FAQ, a brief overview (see, go to any chat room and it then F1) - text data in combat (Kill-a log on the mini-map, the player's actions, such as "Focus on the square D1!" etc.) - help text when you press F1 in combat. - different kind of invitation (to the company, platoon, to trade on the exchange, etc.) - the names and descriptions of perks and shells - CAPTCHA for Asian tankers - text labels in the hangar ("Apply camouflage", "Set up the game", etc.) - different menus (description of tanks, guns, etc.) - Messager, the one at the bottom, on the right (repair of the tank, the message of victory / defeat, etc.) - the names of nations - handler entry errors CAPTCHA - the settings window game - system messages that appear in the messenger - prompts that are displayed during the boot battle at the bottom, under the command list - hints at the hangar, when you hover the mouse over - even some obuchalka most window that appears after graduation - description of camouflage and inscriptions - the same, only the eastern tank - writing while waiting (when the spinning wheel)

Skins and models of tanks.
vehicles \ * Nation * \ Tracks - replacement track

Vehicles \ * Nation * \ * name * of the tank - the path to the skins certain tank

* Tank *. Dds - the very texture
* Tank * - texture of the destroyed tank
* Tank * - normal map. Need for more details
* Tank * - map reflections. Need to show the brightness of the game
* Tank * - map overlay camouflages

Vehicles \ * Nation * \ * name of tank * \ crash \ lod0 and Vehicles \ * Nation * \ * name of tank * \ normal \ lod0 - way to replace the standard models

Chassis.primitives - Chassis
Hull.primitives - hull
Turret_ * number *. Primitives - Turret
Gun_ * number *. Primitives - guns

Audio: Sounds too many to print, but you do not need to understand all of the titles, they have a lot in common.
All sounds are opened and edited using the software package  FMOD Sound System , the program is free. All of the sounds in the game are stored in  FMOD  banks. Each bank consists of several files,  . FEV  - is responsible for playing sounds at the right time, as well as effects.  . BSP  - the file that stores all the sounds of the bank. For example:   ambient_% NAME%. BSP  - the sounds of the environment, instead of the  % NAME%  can be:  hangar  - a hangar,  birds  - birds (woodpecker on robin, lol), Water  - water, etc.

ambient_% NAME% - environment sounds, the music in the hangar, the fan noise, birds, waterfalls, wind, frogs.
gui_% NAME% - sound interface (clicks, clicks, notifications, notification sound glare on the map, intuitive operation, etc.)
gun_% NAME% - the sounds of shooting and reloading guns
hit_% NAME% - the sounds of hits in the tanks and to encircle
ingame_voice.fev - sounds alerts tanker ("Contact", etc. Also, this file is used in fashion bell crit)
music_% NAME% - Music
objects_% NAME% - the sounds of fighting and interacting with objects (breaks, etc.)
shot_% NAME% - the sound of gunfire in the distance
tanks_% NAME% - the sounds of falling tanks
weapons_% NAME% - the sound of gunfire different guns, as well as the sounds of flying by shells.
weapons_tracer_% NAME% - sounds tracers
% NAME% _threads - sound drive along the ground for each tank
vehicles_% NAME% - the sounds of engines