I do modifications for World of Tanks as a hobby.  After playing World of Tanks for over 2 years, this gives me something to do in my spare time and makes the game less boring. I do appreciate any donations as they help defray my beer costs at the local brewpub.  If you like you can also gift me in World of Tanks, on NA server my nick is arasgrandpa, on EU server nick is Blackhawk1947, and on SEA server its Blackhawk69. I also travel a lot and am out of touch to answer questions, fix bugs, or respond rapidly. Have patience and I will get to your comments or bug fixes as soon as possible. Thanks for visiting.

This site consists mostly of modifications and custom skins for the electronic game World of Tanks. Browse around the site and hopefully find something you like and can use. I upload a lot of my mods to the Curse site and earn reward points when they are downloaded from there, so please visit the Curse site and download from it if you wish. If you are seeking assistance with a modification or a skin, please use the Forums (menu on right), each mod has a section and if I can’t answer it, maybe other users can.

Game Modifications


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10 comments to WELCOME

  • Budyx69  says:

    Hello Arasgrandpa, i missing under the Icons the new Premium Tank FURY. Thx Budyx69

    • arasgrandpa  says:

      See the page and for Styles 1-10 download the ALL ICONS for 11-15 you can get the individual icons. All are updated

  • Jim M  says:

    Under the Skins page, the download link for German Skins is bad – it points to Chinese

    • Jim M  says:

      Got it thru the downloads page

    • arasgrandpa  says:

      Thanks, will fix that..

  • Michael Lowery  says:

    I think I was mistaken about the p-mod I misunderstood what you meant by that. The box that appears in your results bar showing your compiled results for the session is what I was referring to, my apologies.

    • arasgrandpa  says:

      If your having issues with the Session Stats, one thing to try is delete the file res_mods/x.x.x/scripts/client/mods/PMOD/statisticCache.json it sometimes gets corrupted. Then start WoT.

  • Michael Lowery  says:

    I am having difficult being able to see the p-mod and the damage indicator which shows who hit me, with what and for how much, as well as the zoom scope…I have deleted World of Tanks several times and also xvm…and your enhanced version as well, but still have the same issues. I have used your enhanced version for a few years now and this is the first time I have had problems, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    • arasgrandpa  says:

      Make sure you have the latest AIO. In a previous version I had the new P-MOD files and they conflict with.t the sights, so I reverted back to a previous version of P-MOD that works. You P-MOD.pyc file should be dated 6/26/2014.

  • Arasgrandpa  says:

    Some people were having trouble posting comments. My apologies, I hope that is fixed now. So comment away

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