Welcome to the Lot’s of Stuff travel site.  I couldn’t think of a snappy name, so called it what it was, a site about Lot’s of Stuff.  Originally I used this site as a demonstration site for the CMS applications, but now it’s to organize comments and information about activities I enjoy and have an interest in.  I invite you to register and feel free to comment on any of the articles here.  If you are also an RV enthusiast, check out the Forum, starting to collect information about good places to RV around the country.

I move between the NW and SW during the year depending on the weather and therefore have a particular interest in the western United States, but have discussion forums for all areas.


After 26 years in the military, years of RV life, and travel between summer and winter homes, travel is a subject near and dear to me. We are always on the lookout for great places to stay and eat. Most of the places listed here are oriented towards adults and/or romantic get aways, but we do occasionally take along the grandkids.  Besides being able to comment on our selected sites, surf over to the Forums and add your own.

I have developed a rating scheme for the places to eat and places to stay.  The Places to Eat is based on a 5 point system.  Even a 1 could be good, but it compares the level of service, quality of food, atomsphere to the other rated resturants.  For example, a chain usually gets a 0 in my book, so 1-5 is average to above average.

The Places to Stay is based on romantic atomsphere rather than comfort.  I typically do not rate a place just as a place to stay, but rather on the romantic get-away aspect.  So a good place to stay might get a 3 for romance, but is still a great place to visit. Use your own judgement in interpreting the ratings. Again, it’s based on a 1-5 system.